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Kavallarieschule Krampnitz

Panzertruppenschule Krampnitz:
This site was build as the “Heeres-, Reit- und Fahrschule“. The school, close to the military training site Döberitzer Heide was designed by architect Robert Kisch in 1937.

The cavalry school (Kavallarieschule) was housed in Hannover (since 1872) and moved to Krampnitz, a bigger site, in 1937. The school was the Army Riding and Driving school until the last months of WW II.

The military grounds were abandoned on April 26, 1945. One day later the Russian troops took over Krampnitz (Cavalry barracks and school respectively the Armored troops school (Panzertruppenschule) Krampnitz)

The Russian military stayed on the ground until 1992, the camp is abandoned ever since. Every now and then the place is used for filming movies. In 2000 the movie „Enemy at the Gates“ and 2008 „Valkyrie“ were filmed on the site.

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